Owners - Josh Dowler and Bryce Elsner

Started in spring of 2019, Cedar Creek Cigars started selling a variety of cigars ranging from well known brands, to more unique boutique brands. After a few months of being open, Josh and Bryce started a journey of branding their own line. Blending in house, using tobaccos from different regions and gaining some notoriety, they are now working with Tabacalera Kafie based out of Honduras. Being able to keep the consistency and quality that they like all Cedar Creek products to be held to was important. After months of working with their team and master blenders in Honduras, they finalized their first two blends. The Cedar Creek Connecticut, and San Andres Maduro were both blended with keeping the flavor profiles in line with their beer, wine and spirits. After receiving 90+ ratings on both blends, they started distribution into local Indiana lounges. In spring of 2021, they will be expanding the lines as well as starting international distribution through their online partner. Check out our online shop for more info on purchasing and reviews.